BFicient is flexible

Service sector

The service sector covers a wide range of economic sectors and diverse companies. What is unique about these companies is that the activities employees perform seem impossible to be standardized and measured. This is the common perception of managers in these companies, because activities and operations vary from client to client and involve mainly work with people. Our experience and methodology built through our extensive experience in the area of company efficiency and personnel productivity, allowed us to include in BFicient Pro functionality to solve all these business obstacles. Using BFicient Pro the performed by your company and workers operations can be measured, controlled and analyzed through time. Thus, every manager in the service sector can rely on comparable time usage and worker productivity indicators for different periods and by different criteria selections. If you want to gain real control over the daily company operations, to have a fair system of evaluating your managers, departments and employees in the company, contact us to present how the BFicient Pro creates time standards in the company performance.