BFicient is flexible

Sales & Distribution

Every single business and company has a common goal to sell its products or services. This makes the sales department an inseparable and mandatory department in the company, because there is no other way for the company to generate any revenues from its operations. On the other hand, purely sales and distribution companies, whose primary activity is purchase and sale of products are key for the flow of goods in every economy. If you are a manager or owner of such company, than our business solution BFicient Pro is what you need. In order for your company to resist the competition in the distribution sector, your salesman and sales representatives must be well-organized and efficient. No company wants to keep 100 sales representatives, that during half of their working time are not selling. BFicient Pro is a management tool with countless reports and analyses to help managers know how their sales force is utilizing the working hours. You would get daily reports, know how much time they spent selling and ultimately do you need this many inefficient workers. Impose control over your salesmen by using the daily reporting forms, reports and specialized modules of the unique BFicient Pro application.