BFicient in industry

Financial services

The financial sector and its services has always been a key player in every economy


Telecommunication companies similarly to the banks and financial sector companies underwent strong growth

Industrial production

Production managers of many industrial companies think they are aware of all processes taking place on site

Food industry

BFicient team extensive experience in projects throughout the food and drink industry shows

Logistic companies & Warehouses

Logistic and warehouse companies are characterized with countless similar, but at the same time different and specific operations

Transport companies

The transport activities and fleet maintenance expenses are substantial for every company

Sales & Distribution

Every single business and company has a common goal to sell its products or services

Service sector

The service sector covers a wide range of economic sectors and diverse companies

BFicient Pro is flexible

BFicient Pro reveals efficiency losses in any business from any sector

BFicient Pro methodology of applying standard key indicators in all its modules and reports, allows efficiency and productivity tracking in any type of business. Additional reports and features enable managers to create individual indicators, so that they can customize BFicient Pro to meet their specific requirements.