BFicient is flexible

Industrial production

Production managers of many industrial companies think they are aware of all processes taking place on site. Our long experience in consulting small, middle and big companies shows that in the majority of industrial production companies there are no precise quantitative work standards and no clear idea what resources (time, people, equipment and raw materials) are necessary for executing daily work activities or produce a product. The BFicient Pro application is mandatory for these types of manufacturing, because the huge number of workers and automated activities usually transform into big losses from salaries for excessive number of workers, technological problems and breakdowns, no optimal usage of technical equipment capacity, low productivity and efficiency.

The specially designed modules of BFicient Pro will allow industrial companies managers to follow and control real time productivity of hired workers, the equipment and production lines efficiency and current daily problems that interrupt the production process. Do not hesitate to contact us and test the functionality our unique business software BFicient Pro has to offer to you the managers.