BFicient is flexible

Financial services

The financial sector and its services has always been a key player in every economy’s growth. During the last few decades the peak in software technologies and their use in every part of the economy, especially in the finance world, made the financial sector one of the biggest and most important. Regardless of the wide spread of online financial services and many processes automation in the financial and insurance industry, the human resources are still a substantial expense for every bank, financial dealer or insurance company. Therefore, achieving maximum productivity and efficiency with optimal number of personnel is important for every company. BFicient Pro gives ideal functionality for reporting key activities, performed by employees in banks, financial and insurance companies. In addition, their productivity rate (percentage) and hidden money losses, resulting from it, are also shown in the application reporting tools. Do not hesitate to contact our team to schedule a detailed presentation of the opportunities our unique business software BFicient Pro provides to managers in financial companies and banks, to control their resources, employees and overall efficiency.