Modules for any business

BFicient „Office“

BFicient “Office“ allows measuring and keeping track of office type of activities. It is specially designed for companies which have their main activities performed in an office environment or for administrative departments of other companies. The business software provides functionality for keeping track of numerous BFicient Pro efficiency indicators, based on time standards for each activity execution. As a result of the countless productivity reports the company or department managers can find out what exactly was the employees’ productivity rate, how much time was lost due to problems and what was the inefficiency rate.

BFicient „Production - Equipment“

Module „Production“ is divided into two modules, due to the different approach in measuring and estimating the efficiency in mechanized production processes versus human based productions. Module „Production - Equipment“ provides managers and supervisors from bottom to top in the company hierarchy daily detailed and summarized indicators for equipment efficiency by shifts, teams, supervisors etc. The additional quantity reports allow comparison of quantity indicators with the efficiency and performance ones to easily identify daily production problems or loss causes.

BFicient „Production – Employees“

This BFicient module is specially designed for measuring the workload and productivity of employees in all types of production – from industrial, food, clothing to car manufacturing. In the productivity reports of “Production – Employees” module there are many standard indicators, but the additional functionality for creating specific ad-hoc reports unties the managers’ hands to keep track of important and unique company-related indexes. In the module you can create new data lists, create links between 2-3 or more lists and then generate custom made reports.

BFicient „Warehouse“

The “Warehouse” module of the BFicient Pro business application is uniquely developed by our team to guarantee maximum accuracy of the efficiency indicators for warehouse activities, performed by employees. This module’s functionality for sub-departments, teams and shifts can be implemented both in specialized logistic centers and warehouse departments of any company. In the standard and custom-made reports you will find included a number of productivity indexes variations, that would provide an accurate estimation for the employees’ workload %. They will answer the question, whether your company is using effectively its resources.

BFicient „Sales“

The „Sales“ module is created to cover all activities the sales departments in companies are performing. In addition to the standard productivity indexes that measure what part of the employees working hours are spent on key activities and sales, the module is equipped with additional business reports. These reports are based on additional functionality, that enables every manager or BFicient Pro user to create his own reports. These additional reports are aiming at measuring not only the effective working hours, but also efficiency indicators as „number of visited customers”, “attracted new clients”, “sales turnover”, “sales increase” by teams and regions.

BFicient „Transport“

Module „Transport“ is specific in relation to the efficiency measurement of company fleet usage and drivers workload. This is due to the many government restrictions of non-stop usage of trucks and drivers. To this end, the key points in evaluating their efficiency are indicators as “Vehicle usage %”, “Vehicle tonnage usage by routes” and other.

BFicient „Sales Representatives“

„Sales Representatives“ is a separate module, focused on companies with big sales teams and departments, that have difficulties controlling their efficiency. Only with an excellent reporting software as BFicient Pro and strict control over the spent time at visited customers, the company and its managers can guarantee the sales success in the competitive environment.

BFicient „Supplies“

Module „Supplies“ is created to measure the productivity of employees in this kind of semi-administrative semi-business department. The measurement is achieved through the standard indicators in the countless report selections and graphs in the application. In addition to this, available are other useful indexes that make the managers task even easier. The ultimate goal, as in all other BFicient Pro modules is to minimize the loss of the resource “Time”, guarantee time optimal utilization, achieve higher results and save hundreds of thousands for the company owners.

BFicient „Technical support“

Every production company nowadays relies on a technical department to maintain its facilities and equipment. In big production companies these departments play a key role and hire a great number of qualified workers. The specialized module of our business software product BFicient Pro is built in a way to meet the specifics of this activity. BFicient Pro reports and indicators allow better control over the routine equipment check-ups that must be performed by technicians. Generally, to guarantee breakdown-free environment in the company, the technical department needs a minimum number of employees and time that are considered a standard and must. Therefore, their efficiency and productivity is being evaluated as high when there are minimum work interruptions, visualized by custom-made reports and indicators.